Friday, October 28, 2011

Comment spamming

(Anti Spam photo © David Hegarty)

Is anyone else having an issue with pseudo comments being left in spam?  The type that say 'Beautiful card' and then has a few links to sites that are guaranteed scams?  Like today's Plastic Cards Plastic cards (both linked to sites I won't link to here).  Or 'Free shirts', yeah right.

I just thought I'd mention it, since it has been occuring more and more both here and on the challenge blog I help run.  I'd highly advise that you either have your comments emailed to you and read them as they come in, or keep an eye out.  I'm finding that some are being left on new stuff, and some are being put on old stuff that they may hope isn't being monitored.

The funniest part?  Today's actually included not only a compliment but also an insult, back to back, with links to crap (pardon my language!)...


Rant over, back to original programming :)

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Annette said...

Can I join your rant? I don't think you're the only one. I've been getting more and more recently. Quite a lot are in german and so I can't even read them, but I can see the links to non-related websites. I did consider translating them, but then thought why even waste my time when I know they're spam if they are linking me to websites selling those little blue pills and the like (you know the ones !!!) It is annoying, but Blogger thankfully seems to filter most of them out into my spam box. It is a shame though. I considered putting comment verification on posts over 30 days old as it seems to be on older posts too. Rant over. xx

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