Monday, November 22, 2010

My New Stamp Storage

I just wanted to share my new stamp storage.  I know it's nothing revolutionary, but it's something that has been bugging me for a while.  I have all of my stamps mounted on EZ Mount Storage Panels in binders.  Anyone that's used these sheets though, knows that the stamps are not 100% secure.  Since I like to take my stamps with me to different locations sometimes, I was always living in fear that one might fall off and get lost!  Yesterday I finally gave in and went to our local office supply store.

I came away with a plastic file box, and 25 hanging files, for around $28 CDN.  If you're in the States, I'm sure you could get the exact same thing for much cheaper!  All I need to do now, is attach labels for the brand divisions.

 This is 13 of the file folders, I will easily be able to fit in all 25, with room to spare.

I am planning on having one EZ Mount Storage Panel in each folder, with stamps on both sides.  Love those hAnglars!  :)

Oh, and if you think you're seeing blurry today, no; apparently my daughter got a bit too close to the dog when she was taking closeups of them snuggling.  There is a gigantic smudge in the middle of my lens, which I didn't notice until I was posting this!  Nice!  LOL

I figure I will be able to store close to 1000 stamps in one bin, and the bins are stackable.  Have stamps, will travel!  Just let me know when to be there!  :)

Just wanted to share the wonderful weather here, while I'm posting :)  At 2:30 we were at a balmy -24C.  (-34 with windchill).  I should have included the photo I took of my dog, staring out the window.  She's trying to see how long she can hold it!  LOL


Marlene said...

Great storage system! I have mine in CD cases on wall mounts....but I'm finding I'm using rubber stamps less and less.

WHOA - is it ever cold where you are!

Crystal said...

Looks great Christine! Now you just need to tell me what you do with your paper!! That's the one area I have a big problem with. I use the Stampendous storage containers for my stamps & they are great because they don't fall out :)
Ooooh I was complaining about our weather but I sure won't now! I don't blame the dog I would be holding it too :)

KanataNewf said...

brrr...chilly! We woke to freezing rain! I love your storage idea - I'm always afraid of losing my stamps from their binders as well. This is fantastic!

chrissy xx said...

What a Fabulous idea!! LOve it.
Mine just form a pile in a drawer. It takes ages to find the one I need. Shopping here I come!!

France said...

Fabulous idea christine. A must when you start to have many stamps.... I'mm probably copy this one.

By the way, you should submit this idea to crafty storage, they LOVE to publish our storage ideas, and it will give you some visibility to your blog !


Danderella said...

Fabulous idea for storage Christine! And I can't say that I envy your weather...although I wish I could stay home and bake a bit!

HappyCrafter said...

Fabulous storage system, I think I'll have to switch to something like this soon, thank you so much for the idea!

France said...

Lol Christine... I'm actually trying to stop purchasing stamps... Getting ready to start a stampaholic group... I'm in need of some detox.. Lol but... What can I say... Stamps have replaced chocolat in my life... Just LOVE them... Hugs xox

Gloria Stengel said...

What a smart and old school idea! I HATE my binders. This would be such a better system for me. Off to Staples to fnd this size storage box!

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