Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Magnolia winter kit

I received my Magnolia Winter & Christmas kit today, but as I was cutting it, I noticed that there was a big difference in the rubber thickness from one end of the other.  Here's a picture:

(Those aren't my fingers!  lol)

That can't be normal to have one side really thin, can it?  Did anyone else's come like this?


Michelle said...

Yes I just checked and mine are that way too! I hope this doesn't affect their ability to stamp a crisp image

Jenny said...

Mine are like that too.

Shelly said...

Stamp all of your images right away to make sure they are going to stamp okay. That's quite a difference from one end to the other.

cabio's craft corner said...

Thanks for sharing. I am waiting for mine and will check them when they come. It just doesn't look right for the pic, I hope it'll work the same as the normal ones.

Kathy said...

They come out like that alot but they still stamp like a dream! I think they are the best to stamp with ~ ALWAYS A CRISP IMAGE!

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